Game Corner

Has milk always been sold in stores? Are cows milked by farmers or by machines? Find out how dairy farming has changed over time. Click Then and Now to jump back in time to a farmer’s field in the late 1800s. Follow the directions to create a modern dairy farm!

How many jobs do you think are part of Alberta’s dairy industry? Find out why the dairy industry involves more than milking cows on a farm. Identify people who are behind the many dairy products that you buy in your grocery store! Click On the Job to start!

Have you ever wondered where most of Canada’s dairy farms are found? How does their location compare to where people live? Take a drive with a dairy delivery truck through Canada’s landscapes, population centres, and dairy farms! Find out how diverse the land is across the country. Click Dairy Drive to start your drive!

What does it take to make a dairy product? Find out why dairy products do not just come in one size, shape, and form. It’s all about the mix! Click It’s All in the Mix and follow the directions to make your own mix of products. Use the Recipe Cards if you need help!